Our History

Tabufile has been offering systems solutions to our clients since 1968. Our solutions are as simple as utilizing the height available in your office to effectively store your records or as complex as an electronic moveable filing system that incorporates bar code tracking and numerous passive safety options. Whichever system you choose, the payback will be immediate and everlasting.

Our patented shelving offers more than 2.5 times the capacity of a traditional 4 drawer vertical filing cabinet while utilizing ½ the floor space. That saving of space can be used for a new office or a reduction in space required which means big savings. Implementing the Tabufile end tab numeric or alphabetic colour coded system increases your filing efficiency by at least 40%. Misfiles are virtually eliminated through the use of colour coding which can equate to hundreds of dollars annually.

Whatever type of system you are presently using, chances are we have the solution to help you save more money annually.

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