Moveable Shelving

Quadra Mobile

The Quadra Mobile is the most versatile storage solution in the industry. Used to increase the storage and filing capacity for office supplies, personal items and more, the Quadra is mounted on a movable carriage to allow for future expansion and easy relocation. It offers flexibility, functionality and four times more storage space than the average storage system.

Quadral Mobile

Similar to the Quadra Mobile, the Quadral mobile is a versatile storage solution used to increase storage and filing capacity. The benefit of this product is its lateral orientation and capability to be moved and reconfigured. Sections can be added on the front or sides if desired.


The Mobilex is a mobile storage system that offers benefits for companies who are looking to accommodate growth and maximize storage capacity. This product improves control, organization, productivity and workflow, while reducing costs. It was designed to offer unique features such as:

  • Smooth operating system
  • Large selection of safety and security devices
  • Ability to function in different types of environments
  • Accommodates with a variety of Montel’s cabinets and shelving systems


Our user-friendly art racking system, Modulart, is designed to allow easy access to paintings in environments where storage space is at a premium. Ideal for personal art collections, this product can adapt as your collection grows.

Library Shelving

Montel's Aetnastak Cantilever library system is a top-of-the-line library shelving product that is flexible, reliable and strong. This system support up to 50lbs per linear foot and reduces the risk of injuries. Montel designed this system with prevention methods to protect books from being damaged, and with flexibility in mind for future expansion, reorganization and relocation.


Power. Performance. Strength. Durability. Whatever industrial applications you are involved in, those are words to live by. You need powerful, high-performance production and assembly systems and equipment that have the strength and durability to handle big loads and high volumes in pressure-packed environments. We believe industrial storage systems should meet the same rigorous, tough standards for handling supplies, tools, fixtures, service parts, packaging, samples and beyond.